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United Way - Thanksgiving Project - 2021

"Food insecurity in Massachusetts doubled during COVID-19, with nearly 1 in 5 households struggling to put food on the table during the peak of the pandemic. While we’re on the road to recovery, we have a long way to go and too many families are still unable to make ends meet. With your support, we’re making sure every family in our community has food for the week of Thanksgiving."  United Way

It was a pleasure to do our small part in helping the United Way and the Thanksgiving Project this week.  Hunger is such an awful thing for anyone to experience and we want to thank our employees for helping give back to our local communities.  Any amount of help is appreciated and we look forward to continuing to aide in this great cause.  

Check out their website to learn more about their mission.

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Donating Platelets - Giving Back - 2021

Coley O'Donnell sits with his kindle as he graciously donates platelets at Mass General Hospital in Boston.  Coley has been doing this for some time now and is more than happy to be able to give back to help benefit health services and hopefully other people in need.  

Thank You Coley!


On December 13th, our team embarked on an archery competition.  'On the Mark Archery,' hosted us at the Boys & Girls Club in Waltham, for a few hours of competition and team building.  

After learning the basic skills of how to shoot with a bow and arrow we started our adventure with individual skill testing to see who could get closest to the center of the bulls-eye.  Pat Hinton won that challenge. 

We then tackled team competition by breaking up into groups of 3 to try our hand at skill and speed activities.  With two different teams taking home 1st place standings.

We truly enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot about team work, not to mention how to deal with numb fingers and bruised arms.  


We wanted to share with you that Azadeh Ward, our Practice Manager, has been volunteering with the Read to a Child program for almost 10 years now.  She has worked with 4 elementary school students, seeing them through 3 grade levels and becoming not only a mentor but a friend.

This program allows volunteers to dedicate an hour a week to reading with a child, who for various reasons, has been selected for the program by their teachers.  Helping the child to build their reading skills and confidence is one of the many focal points of the program.  

Azadeh's current reading buddy, Damian and her are pictured below reading a book during their weekly visit (December 2018).


Escape the Room - Boston - June 20th 2018

A few times a year we feel it's important for our team to get out and have a little fun.  If that fun can also come with a "team building" opportunity we jump on it.  
Our team worked so well together navigating The Dig (theme of room) and trying to Escape the Room.  Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in getting out of the room before our hour had expired.  However we did learn from our instructor that we were only one step shy of completion and got further than most teams do, since only about 20% of teams actually find their way out.  

Not only did we have the best time that day with this little adventure, but we learned a lot about how to work together as a team and divide up responsibility among all of us, so that we can achieve the goal at hand.   

Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl

The annual Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl presented is the nation's largest all-you-can-eat ice cream festival. 

A Boston tradition, the Scooper Bowl serves up ice cream and frozen yogurt from 10 of the nation's leading ice cream companies.

Since its inception in 1983, the Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl has raised more than $5 million for cancer research and care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Our team volunteered at the event this year (June 2016) and truly enjoyed having the opportunity to give back to such a great cause and have a little fun together.